Natural Training for the Lean and Mean Spartan Look.

Victor Pride, proprietor of Bold & Determined, will help you achieve your maximum potential to develop the Body of a Spartan.


Victor Pride

Author of Body of a Spartan

and proprietor of


Let me read your mind real quick:

You’re here because you want to be big and strong.

To which I say,

“Great, but do you have the missing ingredient?”

“What missing ingredient?” you ask.

I’m talking about the essential missing ingredient that is present in every single fitness model, in every jacked guy at the gym, and is even swimming in the muscles and neurons of every single guy who’s made himself a better, stronger, harder, and more powerful version of himself in the last year.

And I’ll give you a hint. It’s not drugs…

Getting Jacked is EASY...But Only for 5% of Guys

Let’s imagine for a second what happens on January 1st every year.

1,000 new guys start a training program, excited and ready to kick some ass.

250 of them never make it to the gym in the first place.

Another 450 of them make it to the gym a couple of times in the first month, and then slack off, choosing instead to spend their best years weak, with little energy, just drifting from one day to the next.

A dedicated 250 guys manage to regularly make a habit of going to the gym, but their progress is… not so great.

They get a bit stronger, sure. But their bodies are still flabby and weak even after regularly showing up at the gym and following their complicated diet.

Only an elite 50 of those first 1000 guys manage to make it through their first year of training and have a body that shows their newfound strength.

What makes these “special” 5% succeed?

Your BAD Genetics are Descended from the Greatest Warriors in History

Even though it may feel like it now, you’re not just some guy who hasn’t got his act together.

You’re the descendant of the greatest warriors and conquerors in history.

Guys that killed for sport, slept in their bear skins, and spent every day wrestling, fighting, and hunting to survive.

Not all of them did.

Those that were weak, incapable or slow got passed over by roving wildcats or invading marauders.

But the ones that did survive passed on their genes to generation after generation.

Which brings us to you.

Since only the fittest and strongest managed to create new life, the fact is you’ve got the same genetics as the greatest warriors in history.

Now what is your excuse for being lazy and weak, while everybody walks all over you?

Listen, I was that guy in 2006...

130 lbs soaking wet, and could barely do a single chin-up.
Not just skinny, but skinny-fat!
  • Bouncing around between different programs
  • Getting slightly bigger after trying powerlifting routines, but mostly due to extra FAT
  • Exhausted from forcing myself to lift HEAVY every other day
  • Gorging myself on food that ended up going straight to my belly
  • Finding nothing that actually stuck and gave me that strong and lean body I wanted

The WALL is Standing in Your Way Unless...

I’ll tell you right now the most important thing you will ever hear.

The one thing that was missing every other time you’ve promised yourself you’d get in shape…

… every other time you promised that you’d take yourself from a nobody, into a somebody…

… every other time you promised you’d turn your average muscle into elite Spartan muscle.

And this is kind of uncomfortable for me to say, but it’s the truth:

Until your desire to be physically and mentally strong burns inside you as the hot, powerful core of your character, you will NEVER be the man you want to be.

When I was skinny and fat, I actually bragged about how I could eat whatever I wanted and never gain a pound. I thought my weakness was strength. But when I finally found my balls, I learned something that few know but many desire:

How to Train Naturally Like a Warrior

I don’t have the "best bodybuilding genetics".

Heck, sometimes I workout for only 20 minutes.

But with 20-30 minutes of daily effort, I transformed from a 130 lb weakling into the guy you see here.


When I created my training program, called Body of a Spartan, I modeled it after the most deadly warriors and predators on Earth.

The animals and men that spent the least time training, with the most effective output.

Namely, pounds of lean, powerful muscle that can intimidate, comfort, and protect.

My training philosophy is simple:

  • Train hard like a warrior
  • Eat like a lumberjack
  • Sleep like a lazy roly-poly jungle cat, and
  • Roar like a lion at your massive muscles!

It isn’t complicated because it doesn’t need to be.

And whether you’re a skinny 15-year-old putting on his first muscle, an active duty Marine with serious gym time in the bank, or an out of shape truck driver who’s ready for a lifestyle change, BODY OF A SPARTAN will make you into a man.

BOAS gives you everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

The Workout that Hardens Men from Clay into Iron

Take a peek in the pages of a Men’s Fitness magazine and see what you find.

Are you actually going to follow that plan?

I don’t jump up and down like a doofus, and I don’t overcomplicate things with bullshit.

Body of a Spartan follows the advice of Einstein, a great mind, (but a terrible athlete), who said,

Everything should be as simple as possible, but no simpler.

Body of a Spartan is as simple as possible.

  • I will hand you an exact template that I used to gain 35 pounds of lean muscle using simple exercises that you can do at any gym.
  • I will give you all the diet advice you need to know in exactly one page.
  • I will show you exercises to target any area of your body you need to improve (that most trainers never learn)
  • I will give you the kick in the ass you need to succeed.

Click the button below to get BODY OF A SPARTAN now! Only $20

This book is not for wimps, and it’s not for chumps constantly searching for “the next thing.”

This book is only for you if you have the goal of improving yourself day by day.

Body of a Spartan is complete. You need no other exercise guide.

I’m not going to confuse you with complicated routines.

I’m not going to baffle you with a crazy diet.

Just simple strength exercises that build you a strong body faster than any other program on earth.

That is my promise.

Sure, you might learn some “new” exercises in BOAS that you haven’t seen before. Those just fill in the gaps that no one else has showed you for how to build a muscular V-shaped physique.

And you might learn some “new” diet principles (that are simpler than dirt).

But the principles of Body of a Spartan are time tested, true, and work.

They are the same principles Spartans used to become the most deadly force on earth.

What You Get Inside BODY OF A SPARTAN:

First, you will get a complete photo tutorial of the 8 compound strength building exercises you need to build a ripped and muscular body.

These will train your body to act as a unit like a Spartan Phalanx, rather than a scattered bunch of individual muscles.

You will hit every single part of your body in a coordinated manner, using simple old-school iron exercises from the masters.

You will also get my intensive breakdown of how to do each exercise safely, how to add weight and advance, and how to vary the exercise to work around injury or weakness.

Each exercise is accompanied by photos showing how to do them with proper form, as well as variations to add more spice to your workout

Next, you get two routines.

That’s because you will only need two routines until you drop dead in a casket.

The first routine is for beginners.

This is for you if:

  • You are new to working out
  • It has been several years since you stepped in a gym
  • You have only been doing sissy workouts with light weights

The beginner’s routine will bring you mental and physical focus for the first time in your life.

It is easy to start, and will increase your raw endurance and power. You’ll feel stronger in the first week. Soon you’ll be ready for…

The second routine: for true Spartans.

This is for you if:

  • You’ve had experience with daily exercise
  • You have trained in current or former military service
  • You train for a sport or other activity

The Full Spartan routine will show you how to throw more weight around than you’ve ever considered possible, while shaping your body into a lean fighting machine.

This Spartan training method is exactly what I used to obtain 6-pack abdominals and achieve my personal best deadlift of 500 lbs after 7 years of wasted effort in the gym.

What about a third routine?

There is no third routine.

Because after you follow the Full Spartan Routine you will have all the tools you need to make your own routines.

  • You will know what to emphasize to improve your sex appeal
  • You will know how to create a God-like physique at will
  • You will know what lifts to focus on to “catch up” lagging body parts
  • You will know how to create a powerful build ready for anything that life throws

Finally, you will get my famous 1-page diet breakdown that shows you everything you need to know to build strong muscle without confusion, complicated rules, or bothering with meal timing.

You won’t spend a lot of time preparing foods, or worrying about what goes in your mouth.

You will just get jacked and ripped to shreds.

The Greeks weren’t just known for their logic, art, and athleticism.

They were also known for their honesty.

See in ancient times, cheating someone on a deal, or going back on your word could leave you with less of a head.

Justice was swift, and the sword was the law.

Now I’m not going to let you cut off my head if this doesn’t work out for you…

But I’ll tell you this:

BOLD & DETERMINED and the products I sell on it are more important to me than anything, or anybody.

If I sold something that was shit, I would disgrace myself. My integrity is more important than money.

You couldn’t pay me any amount of money to sell garbage on Bold and Determined, which is why I’ve turned down dozens of offers to make more money by hawking crap I don’t believe in.

Listen, Body of a Spartan will transform you.

I'm a big guy, let me shoulder the risk: The "Spartan Promise" Guarantee

I’m so sure of it that I give you a full 90-days to try it out.

(You won’t need nearly that long though to see your body completely transform and be replaced by a “man of steel.”)

But if at any time you feel like you got ripped off …

…Or don’t like your new body…

Or even if you get huge and ripped but just want your money back!just send me an email and I’ll give you back every cent you spent on the greatest bodybuilding program ever created.

Because if you aren’t ridiculously happy with your powerful new attitude, proud, confident walk, and enviable muscles – I screwed up.

I make mistakes in my daily life like everyone, but I do not make mistakes with my products.

I only sell things that change people’s lives.

So if this is not the program for you, I understand.

If you want to stay small and meek like a little kitten, or big and shy like a fat tubby hippo, that’s fine with me.

But if you want the wide chest of a gorilla…

… the strong shoulders of a hunting dog…

… and the ROAR of a lion proclaiming his ownership of the savannah…

Body of a Spartan is for you.


Click the button below to get

ONLY $20

How is Body of a Spartan Different from Other Programs Like Stronglifts or Starting Strength?

These 3-days-a-week programs are for total amateurs or super-advanced guys.

I followed those programs, as many guys have. And guess where I ended up?

A little bit stronger, a little bit fatter, totally exhausted and with not an ab in sight!

You need continuous demands on your body to grow, but you don’t need to go to exhaustion or add weight every single workout as these programs prescribe.

That is a recipe for burnout.

I put you on a 6-day a week plan of alternating exercises because if you do it right that is what will have you grow the absolute fastest possible.

Victor, won’t I overtrain?

No, because you have the body of a man, not of a boy.

“Overtraining” is a lie you were told by guys that want you to stay small, flabby, and weak. Overtraining only happens to guys who have been in the gym for years who push themselves to complete failure in every set.

I don’t want you to fail. I want you to win.

Body of a Spartan is not easy, but it is doable for every man. BUT ONLY IF

  • You show up, and do the workouts
  • You eat right (I show you in 1-page everything I eat to be big and strong)
  • You make a commitment to excellence

What if I don’t have time to go to the gym every day?

You do have time for this because you are making a commitment to strength.

We don’t spend a lot of time in the gym – 30 minutes tops. But it is a hard 30 minutes.

A year from now you will be a year older.

Do you want to look in the mirror and see the same flabby, out of shape body? Do you want to waste your time making year-after-year of no progress, wondering what could have been?

Body of a Spartan is for guys who are serious about changing their lives by developing real strength and confidence.

If you have too many “commitments” or are worried that “you don’t have time for this,” please leave.

There are dozens of other comforting, weak sites you can go to for plans that don’t work.

But I'm too old for this...


But time is running out.

The older you get, the harder it’s going to be to change.

Young guys, you are primed for the most productive and anabolic years of your life. As you age it will be harder to stay in shape.

Unless you put in the work now.

See these guys who have TURNED THEIR LIVES AROUND

Frank M.

I decided that I needed a lifestyle change in June of 2013. At the time I had been a truck driver for 10 years and sitting on my butt for 10-12 hours a day with very little physical activity had done me no favors. I was a skinny-fat out of shape diabetic with borderline high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol. After finding your site while searching for weight lifting advice I ordered the Body of a Spartan program in July of 2013 and began to put it into action. I began it as a 32 year old 6’3″ tall weighing 289 and decided my goal was fitness and weight loss.

I did the steak and eggs diet along with the program and lost 55 pounds in 4 months but wasn’t happy as I now looked like 234lbs of skinny saggy shit. I also hit a equilibrium where I needed more food or my strength just wasn’t going up anymore. So I added a variety of healthy foods and a lot more of them. Today 1 year later I’m weighing in at around 250lbs and my lifts have increased thus:

Bench press: (July 2013, 110lbs 1RM) (July 2014, 265lbs) Dead Lift: (July 2013, 185lbs 1RM) (July 2014, 465lbs) Squat: (July 2013, 135lbs 1RM) (July 2014, 365lbs) Standing Military Press: (July 2013, 65lbs 1RM) (July 2014, 165lbs) Barbell Bent Row: (July 2013, 95lbs 1RM) (July 2014, 225lbs)

Today I’m in the process once again of cutting weight and I still hit the gym 5 days a week and my strength is still increasing daily.

Robert C.

Let me just begin by saying that ‘Body of A Spartan’ is the best program that I have used in 20+ years of training. First, more than anything, it’s a program about hardening the mind as well as the body. Most other programs out there are way too scripted and strict to work in real life. They only focus on sets, reps, rest periods, etc.. Nothing could be laid out that perfect. Instead, ‘BOAS’ allows you to tailor your training on how you feel on that particular day. Some days you’ll be stronger…and some days you’ll be weaker. That’s just a fact of life. Have a good run goin’ for a few days when the weights are jumping off the bar?? F#ck it, keep going. Down a little, not at your best?? Ease off the gas a little and just get in and get some blood flowing. The whole program is based on consistency and mental toughness. Once you develop the ‘Iron Mind’, and I guarantee you will, the rest will fall into place. Increased strength, improved conditioning, greater sense of self-worth and discipline all come along for the ride in ‘BOAS.’

For me personally, the best part of the program was the workouts were brief, allowing other time for work, school, and family. No two hour sessions. I don’t think I ever went longer than 40 mins in a single workout, and that was even on the longer end of the scale. Most sessions were done in about 25 minutes. The key to training in ‘BOAS’ is to keep your rest periods relatively short. This allows you to burn fat and get stronger at the same time. Anyone who’s trained for a significant period of time knows how difficult this is to do simultaneously. Usually you can only focus on one of these two area’s at time. Not with ‘Body of a Spartan.’ I was able to get stronger and lean out at the same time with this routine. Who doesn’t want that? No man I know. All you have to do is show up consistently and put the work in. It’s that easy. Two meals a day with no snacking?? No problem. Training 5-6 days in a row, sometimes even twice in a day?? Easy. Bottom line, this book hardened me mentally and physically. It will for you too. Great investment.


Hello Victor! My name is Aakesh and I have been following your blog since early 2012 and I can honestly say it has been a very influential piece of my life thus far. Body of a Spartan is by far the most brilliant workout program I have come across and I still use a slightly modified version of it today in my pursuit to become a fitness model/internet entrepreneur.

Before I go into details of how well this program has worked for me, I will share a few before and after pics:

The first pic is me at 17 years old right before I started working out, up to this point in my life my physical activity was close to zero and my confidence was non-existent. The second pic is the result of trying many different programs from different 5x5 variations to bodybuilding style workouts, and I had recently started the BOAS program. BOAS was a real kick in the ass for me as I was not used to working out 6 days per week, and I believe the frequent high intensity workouts is what finally got me my abs.

The most recent pic was taken early this year, after about a year of following BOAS to a T and another half year using my modified version of it. I was able to increase my deadlift from 315 to 405 , squat from 275 to 345, and all my presses went up significantly, not to mention I can bust out 30 pull ups now, compared to around 15 before doing your program. The dietary advice in your book is also gold, and I love the simplicity of it all. Keep killing it bro!

Jeremy Jensen

About a year ago, I made a commitment, like everyone does at some point, to get myself back in shape. I was just about to turn 35, felt like shit and far as I’m concerned, looked like it. 6’2″ and 228 lbs. I didn’t recognize myself.

Dropping the lbs wasn’t too hard looking back. A mix of running, learning how to eat more properly, and haphazardly tossing weights around. I dropped down to 189 and that is where the fun started.

I came across Body Of A Spartan while searching through a sea of self help workouts and p90x-ish BS and it stood out. I wanted guidance from someone like-minded, not selling false hope, and with real life experience and knowledge he’d earned.

I still love the line, “We are going to lift some fucking weights!”

Fast forward to a few days ago. I was on a high from setting a personal best on bench press. A year ago, I warmed up with plates (135) and worked up to 155 and felt that. Along the way, I’d bench pressed my bodyweight for my first milestone and during my last work out, I repped 225 for 8 and 235 for 6. Two plates was a second milestone. And I know I have more in me. I sincerely feel like I’m just getting started.

Bench press is way up, I’m squatting 315 for reps (though I need to work on my form) and I have never done deadlifts before Body Of A Spartan and I’ve matched the squats with weight. My weight was 228, down to 189, and I’m sitting at 210 right now and still wearing the size 32 jeans I was at 189. My goals are to simply keep pushing on, further carve out the abs, and build up the muscles especially my chest and shoulders.

Lastly, and I know its less important, but I’ve gained a ton of confidence this last year. I walk around the gym like I belong there and not like I’m inconveniencing the big guys by using the equipment.

Thanks for Body Of A Spartan. Was a great outline for me to follow. Perfect mix of motivation, exercises, and sincerity!

It’s not BODY OF A SPARTAN that did it. It’s their commitment and drive to succeed.

And unless you have that fire in your belly, that plan to take massive action, and that commitment to follow through and transform yourself through the fire of physical fitness, you won’t get there.

You can expect to stay right where you are.

Contented, lazy,.. and weak.

But I want to tell you something friend.

Your life is not over yet.

What is new in here that I can't read for free online?

Nothing is new friend.

But one thing is for certain.

If you’ve read articles online or bought physical fitness books, and your body still hasn’t changed, they’re not working.

It’s not that the advice is bad. I’m sure some of it works.

It’s that you didn’t decide that it was important enough to you.

You didn’t decide it was worth it, because there were no stakes.

You need stakes, and a commitment to yourself to build the body of a man.

If you buy Body of a Spartan you will have stakes. You will lose $20 if you buy the book and don’t follow it.

If you do that, please ask for a refund. I don’t want losers buying my program who are not serious about themselves.

I want people who know they can be something more. Who know they can be better.

You know that if you can get one thing straight, and demonstrate that you care about yourself by hardening your body into a strong, powerful hunk of iron, that everything else will follow from it.

Financial success.

Social success.

Romantic success.

Guys who tell me what happened after they bought Body of a Spartan don’t just say that their waist shrunk, that their arms grew, or that their lifts went up.

They tell me how their lives changed as a result of following simple daily strength exercises that gave them the confidence and masculine energy to conquer everything life throws at them.

Charles E.

I stumbled upon Body of a Spartan after going through quite a few articles on B&D. I bought both of Victor’s e-books and decided to do them both at the same time.

I woke at 5am and did my 100 push-ups, sit-ups and squats every day without fail. In the afternoon (around 3-6pm) I would do my BOAS beginner workout 4 days a week. Unfortunately, my gym has terrible equipment, so I had to change up some of the exercises a little bit. Regardless of that, I went from 175lb of frailty to 190lbs of solid muscle at 6 feet tall. I feel great. People mistake me for an athlete now and assume I box or something.

I get tons of compliments on my chest and arms now. Those used to be my weak points. In terms of the actual workout plan, I can only speak of it in the highest regards. I love the simplicity of it, it cuts out the bullshit of the hundreds of other workout plans I’ve tried and read. I feel as if my eyes have been opened. I look at all the dumb exercises people do and laugh to myself, because I know it’s better to just do a couple complex movements that work your whole body rather than a bunch of isolation exercises.

This book should be the first thing you read about weightlifting. I wish I had it years ago, instead of doing one muscle per day and seeing zero results.

Leo M.

I discovered BAD last fall and I bought the books right away. Within the first 2 weeks I saw results that I had never seen within my 3 and a half years lifting weights.

I don’t think its a coincidence that now I’ve got females lining up for my attention or that for the first time in my life, I have a flat stomach or that I have a bank account filled with money or that most importantly – I’m obsessing and working hard to achieve my dreams.

Now like I said, I’ve been attempting to train for about 3 years and it didn't get serious until 5 months ago. Thanks to BODY OF A SPARTAN, I’m not afraid to dead lift or squat anymore. I’m not afraid to make that shit heavy either, I love it. I can rack dead lift 375lbs… that's amazing to me. I still have a lot of work to do before getting the exact body that I want but being that I’m only 23, I think I’m doing alright.

They are streaking up the mountain of success, and I expect to see a few of them eclipsing me some day. Achieving financial freedom, taking command of their romantic lives, not to mention striding around with bigger muscles than I have.

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Is This the Kick in the Ass You Need to Finally Get in Shape?

Listen, I don’t want you to read this book and then go back to your life like most of you will do.

If that’s your plan, honestly – please leave this page now, we don’t have time for people who aren’t ready for change.

Close the book, go back to your nagging friends. Go back to feeling envy at every strong guy you see walking by who nabs the cutest girls and is not just depositing checks, but cutting them.

Only if you truly believe that now is the time for your total success at building the strongest, sexiest, most powerful body you’ve ever had do I want you to buy.

I don’t tolerate losers. I want you to win.

And guys who follow Body of a Spartan are winners.

Look how they’ve transformed their bodies and their minds.

Thomas F.

It worked very well!  I felt like this is how men are supposed to live. 

I don't have any before pictures because I was too embarrassed to be photographed. I started out very skinny and then got a little fat.

A few years ago I started eating meat and picking up heavy shit and the Body of a Spartan program really helped me to fine tune.

Benjamin McEvoy

Hi Victor,

I never write these things but Body of a Spartan worked so well for me, it’s the least I can do.

I’m 22 years old. I’ve worked out since I was fifteen. I’ve tried a lot of things and done a lot of things wrong; namely, cross fit, working out only three times a week, and body-part splits as a natural.

When I bought Body of a Spartan six months ago, I was in okay shape. A bit on the skinny side, but with a little bit of muscle, a little bit of fat. That all changed.

By the end of the first week, I felt strong. By the end of the second week my muscles were blowing up and becoming rock hard. My thighs had added some nice size, my biceps bulged through my shirt, my pecs were bigger, and my abs were rock solid. The girls loved it.

I can’t give you specific measurements or figures, but I can say this is the best I’ve ever looked. The diet plan and exercise scheme is bulletproof and makes me feel like a million bucks. There’s no way you can stay a fatso or a skinny wimp on this program.

This program is the truth and you speak the truth well, Victor. Thank you

Ryan O.

Body of a Spartan is getting me there.

I started weighing about 250 lbs being fat as fuck. I'm now about 195
can squat 315 (started 155) and deadlift about 300 (started at
135). I'm eating eggs and some form of meat for every meal and I love

Others are starting to follow my lead. This is just a few months.
given enough time and combined with 30 days of discipline I will have
the body of a spartan and mind of a killer.

Before and Current attached. I'll never be at "after". That implies quitting.

Zach S.

Hey Vic,

I have been following Body of a Spartan for about 6 months now. Before that I followed extremely high volume programs and while I achieved results, I was no where near the level I wanted to achieved with my physique. Worse yet, I was weak and my strength was not progressing. I was still skinny fat after a year of hard training and I began to wonder whether I could ever achieve a six pack. I had already spent hundreds on worthless supplements foolishly believing that they would add pounds of dense muscle to my frame. I was also gravely afraid of heavy compounds and did every exercise other than squat, deadlift, and military press. I was in the gym clocking countless hours and I thought I was working my ass off.

However, nobody could tell I even lifted and I was extremely discouraged. It seemed like I had tried every workout program but I would always get bored and frustrated with slow progress. It was then that I found Body of a Spartan. At first I mistakenly believed it was like any other workout program and I let it sit untouched on my hard drive. However, it reemerged after a couple months and I decided to try it to prove it would not work.

I read the book over a couple times and became even more discouraged that the model was more muscular than me. I decided to stop acting like a pussy and feeling sorry for myself. I decided to finally let the testosterone rule for once and I learned the form of the deadlift and squat. I started the program and I was going to put it to the test.

I vigorously followed the routine and being in and out of the gym in such a short period of time was tough to adapt to at first. However, I was more sore than ever before and I had more time to focus on improvement in other areas of my life. I saw more muscle and strength gains in the first 4 months than I had in the previous year of lifting. I was stronger, leaner, and muscular for the first time in my life. My shirts became smaller and and my confidence grew as much as my biceps. For the first time in my life, I was able to deadlift double my bodyweight of 178 pounds.

I still have a long way to go but I know that Body of a Spartan will allow me to achieve my strength and physique goals. Vic, Body of a Spartan has really affected my life and I am finally satisfied with my body’s looks and performance. Body of a Spartan has allowed me to finally take control of my health and its nice to see some accurate information amidst the lies of the fitness industry. Unfortunately I did not take a before picture but my advice to everyone who buys the program would be to take a before picture and stop reading outside information. Trust the program and you will be shocked by the results.

Best, Zach

Body of a Spartan didn’t do this, they did.

By one simple mental action.

They said,

I vow to succeed.

And they have.

Do you want to be the next of our Spartan warriors and approach challenges in your life not with fear, but with excitement and suredness?

Do you want to know that every problem you face, you can conquer, because you’ve already conquered yourself?

“Climb the mountain of yourself, and you will face no foe more powerful.”

Body of a Spartan has everything you need to get out the door and kick some ass.

The only thing that is missing is you.

Since you’re still here, I know you don’t want to stay at your current weak levels of mental and physical strength.

Getting run over by bigger guys.

Getting laughed at by the women in your life.

Getting passed over for promotions and opportunities in favor of stronger guys who take what they want.

But I don’t blame you.

It’s hard to commit to changing your life.

It’s hard to purchase the greatest bodybuilding program known to man.

And it’s hard to put your computer down, head to the gym, and lift some weights.

But here’s the honest truth. I didn’t want to tell you this, but —

Changing my body was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. And it was the first thing I got right.

When one day I finally looked up after a wicked set of deadlifts and saw in the mirror for the first time, a man, not a weakling, everything changed.

My business, my romantic life, my freedom –> all followed.

Forging my body into what it is today challenged me emotionally, mentally, and physically.

And I sincerely hope it will do the same for you.

Your man,

P.S. Anybody can change their lives today.

It takes no special skill.

It requires no complicated training.

It doesn’t require a difficult-to-follow diet.

It only requires one thing.

Your everlasting blood commitment to yourself.

I won’t try to fool you here.

The stakes are high.

You may lose your old life. You may lose your old friends, who don’t like “the new you.”

You may lose your old habits that were grinding you into the dirt.

But something new will emerge from the fires of your sweat.

A new man, forged from iron.

You will take on challenges confidently.

You will walk tall, with purpose.

You will feel strong, and potent.

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